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Brand New: Get ready for the launch

Posted on July 16, 2019

The arrival of the iPad in 2010 marked the end of the classic expandable banners that were always so popular. Expandable skyscrapers and leaderboards, who remembers them? Tablets would replace massive desktops and navigation would from now on be done with the fingers and not with the mouse. Desktop browsing is hopelessly old-fashioned right? The facts are different. Tablets are mainly used for their apps and not for their browsers. Only 7% of all Dutch web traffic goes through tablets, so there is certainly a future for the expandable variant for the typical desktop formats such as billboards and half-page ads.

Billboard Launch

Hence this brand new version: the billboard launch. Launch rates of 15% and more will no longer be achieved with this new generation of expandables due to the small delay, but as an advertiser you are also looking for the qualitative interactions that are so decisive for the interaction ratios with which we would like beautiful cases to make. In addition to the billboard, this is also available as Halfpage 300x600. at TMG, Persgroep, Sanoma and Mannenmedia, among others. Directly or on Deal ID. Contact us if you want to know more about this.

Billboard Launch from Weborama Nederland on Vimeo.