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Mobile Video Portrait Benchmark

Posted on July 12, 2019

The promise of vertical video on mobile was always great, but outside the social media channels there was little evidence of this. Apart from a few early adopters who used vertical video in their commercials, we saw few good examples. This has clearly changed with the arrival of the Mobile Portrait Video (MPV). We are now happy to share the first benchmark of this relatively new format. The MPV is perfect for using filling vertical videos regardless of screen size. There is therefore the same user experience on every telephone. The format is also available without video.

Viewability and video

Compared to the interscroller, it scores slightly better in terms of CTR 0.58 (vs.0.47). At over 54%, viewability is comparable to the interscrollers, but when we look at the video stats we see interesting things. Videostarts are slightly below the viewability stats but 8.7% see the video completely. If the message scrolls out of the screen, the video pauses but 9.7% scrolls back to continue viewing the message.

15 or 6 seconds?

15 seconds is the most used video length, but a shorter video is advisable. With a 6 second (bumper length) the completion rate is 15%, but the willingness to replay videos is sometimes 4x as high (2% vs, 0.6%)

Sound is off

Autoplay video always starts without sound and the number of times that sound is switched on by users is negligible. So always try to render texts, CTAs and logos in videos and make good use of the start and end frames to communicate the message directly.

The benchmark is based on around 10 million impressions with the publishers Persgroep, Sanoma, TMG and Mannenmedia.

View some examples of the format here.