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Contextual AI targeting

Data marketing solutions

Besides Weborama Netherlands, Weborama France and all the other Weborama offices are specialized in solutions for data marketing and have the richest independent database of contextual behavioral characteristics in Europe.

At the heart of all data activities is semantic artificial intelligence.

Weborama maps all words on the web continuously and uses semantics to determine the possible meanings and coherence of the relevant words. These meanings are then through “self-learning” assigned to anonymous user profiles and/or translated into advertisers' dynamic targeting needs.

This way, advertisers and their agencies can purchase targeted advertising space based on accurately calculated user behavior and/or the relevance of current publisher content at that time. To access the information and all possible valuable applications, Weborama has an extensive data science branch with various experienced data scientists and three data platforms: Weborama Audience Manager, BigFish, and MoonFish.

Marketers are supported in terms of insights, segmentation, activation, and advanced measurements to realize more turnover, lower costs, and a substantially quicker response rate.

Weborama Data - Header

Weborama Data - Insights


Detect first signals of consumer interest through its web navigation

Weborama Data - Segmentation


Enrich customer profiles and build custom high value audiences

Weborama Data - Activation


Activate audiences at scale to the global ecosystem

Weborama Data - Measure


Measure real time and over time

Contextual AI targeting

Weborama Netherlands focuses on the full-service Rich Media and the associated premium Marketplace. Tests have also been carried out since mid-2020 with real-time accessibility and contextual “scoring” of web content based on the above-mentioned semantic artificial intelligence. This can be done on behalf of an advertiser, media agency, publisher, DSP or SSP. The objective is to enable the automation of advanced and easily scalable contextual targeting.

With this, Weborama Netherlands is getting a head start on the “cookie-less” world of tomorrow.

Are you interested in the test results or do you possibly want to participate in this test, please send an email to nomkwazi@weborama.nl

More information about our data marketing solutions can be found on our international website.

About Weborama International
Weborama offers advanced consumer knowledge solutions thanks to a unique high-precision and high-scale semantic analysis engine that allows businesses to ignite growth and to lower cost. Weborama combines high-performance scoring of individual areas of interest powered by semantic AI, proprietary data management and superior analytics capabilities. This in a fully GDPR compliant environment.