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Easy Rich Media: Design popular formats without code

Posted on November 16, 2020

Are you unfamiliar with the terms HTML, CSS, Javascript libraries and the ScreenAd Interface and do you mainly see a bunch of roadblocks when you hear this Advanced Rich Media jargon? Then Easy Rich Media is definitely something for you.

In addition to the familiar Advanced Rich Media formats where you are free to do what you want in terms of content, we now also offer more accessible formats that can also be delivered quickly and easily: Easy Rich Media. You can create these formats quickly by simply delivering designs without having to work with HTML and code. Based on a concise specification and .PSD templates, all designers can quickly deliver formats that can be used in 5 interactive formats.

Rich Media formats

Easy Rich Media consists of a popular selection of 5 interactive formats that are also offered with video:

  • Automated Page Takeover (1800x1000)
  • Cross-device Billboard Carousel (970x250 | 300x250)
  • Mobile Portrait slider & video (320x400)
  • Mobile Interscroller (320x500)
  • Mobile Swipe Cube (320x240 | 300x250)

Pros and cons

The use of Easy Rich Media has its limitations, such as fewer creative possibilities and a choice of fewer formats, but because the formats already have an interactive character (mouseover, slide, click, play) you can quickly make an impact with beautiful designs.

In particular, it offers the following benefits:

  • You can design interactive Rich Media easily, quickly and with a smaller budget.
  • Common mistakes such as scalability within skins are avoided.
  • All designers can work with this.
  • Foreign agencies are often used to this type of workflow.


The workflow for Easy Rich Media works differently than what you are probably used to from us, but it is, of course, a lot easier.

  1. Download the specs via the button below (or here).
  2. Here you will find the 5 different formats with the corresponding .PSD templates and clear instructions. Make sure you read these carefully because it is important that you store the assets properly with the correct naming and then correctly deliver them.
  3. Download the .PSD template and check which format you want to design with.
  4. You'll then see this specific format's dimensions. Make sure you include elements such as the logo, product, description and CTA in your design.
  5. Export the design and provide the correct name.
  6. Are you done? Send your assets to sales@weborama.nl. In this case, you do not have to provide them via an interface or audit process, but simply by e-mail.

So: do you want to create interactive designs quickly and easily without thinking about HTML and code, or do you have a smaller budget? Then try Easy Rich Media now!

Questions? Feel free to ask them via your contact person or email us at sales@weborama.nl.